David Nance Group – Peaced and Slightly Pulverized (album review)

by Woody on October 9, 2018

Photo by Anna Dewey Nance

David Nance has been out there for years and yet it is just now, that I’ve found his music. It is the music of my youth. Squealing & scuzzy guitars that will have you pulling out the old air guitar and a rhythm section that will pound you into the submission will make you want to grow your hair out so your sweaty locks fall across your eyes as you get fucking lost in these ripping jams.

There are some flat-out fucking jams on this record that will have you immediately thinking of Neil Young. The centerpiece of the album, the sprawling Amethyst, has the slow-burning of Cortez The Killer. Made me yearn for that crappy Prince tennis racquet I had in middle school so I could fucking shred on it. When he slows things down and gets all spacey, it reminds me of when Hendrix would slow things down and get all trippy.

My musical tastes continue to broaden and evolve as I get older but man it feels good to get back to basics every once in awhile. And David Nance Group scratches that itch.

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