Molly Burch – First Flower (album review)

by Woody on October 5, 2018

Photo By Kelly Giarrocco

I recently had the pleasure of taking in a set by Margaret Glaspy. She had her boyfriend, Julian Lage, in tow. And for those who don’t know, he is fucking sublime on the guitar. Listening to Molly Burch’s sophomore album reminds me of that show. Burch’s smoky vocals and her boyfriend, Dailey Tolliver’s guitar work, take this set of retro-pop to another level.

Whereas her debut, Please Be Mine, dealt with heartbreak; First Flower jumps around to other subjects dealing with anxiety and self-doubt (raises hand). To The Boys deals a common subject lately, how women are treated in the music industry. (I don’t know about you but I’m sensing this might actually be happening). Her easy going delivery (backing vocals are a nice touch as well) doesn’t hide the passion behind the lyrics are basically saying go fuck yourself to her doubts and the music execs. Wild is another track that fits in well with that sentiment; women dealing with fears, pushing forward and celebrating it together.

Burch is a treasure on her own. The fact that comes packaged with a ripping good guitar player makes it all the better. And do make a point of seeing her live. You won’t be disappointed.

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