Michigan Rattlers – Evergreen (album review)

by Woody on October 4, 2018

Photo by Shelby Goldstein

Michigan Rattlers aren’t breaking down any new ground. They kick out mid-tempo Americana, which in this day isn’t anything unique. The thing that makes them special are the vocals and songwriting of the boys. Graham Young’s vocals have a timeless feeling to them, like they were lifted from decades ago. Adam Reed’s harmonies provide the same affect that Andrew Bryant does with Water Liars. It gives the tunes a genuine feeling that you can’t fake; it has to come natural.

Since their EP. they’ve also added a third Rattler, in Christian Wilder. His deft piano playing adds another layer and element to the music. A track where Wilder really stands out is Late Night Cigarette Talks, with its honky-tonk piano intro. Wilder’s piano also really adds something on Didn’t You Know, with its bouncy riff, and on The Heat, which also features some tasty work on the acoustic by Young.

The boys grew up in a small town, Petoskey, on the coast of MI. Lovely place, for what its worth. That being said, this album feels like a portrait of growing up in such a place, where usually one or degrees can connect you to anybody in town. Baseball, Drinking Song and Sweet Diane paint such vivid pictures.

Been waiting for this one for a couple of years now and it has lived up to my high expectations.

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