Night Shop – In The Break (album review)

by Woody on September 19, 2018

Photo Credit: Kevin Gossett

After twenty years behind the kit, Justin Sullivan pops up front and delivers one of my favorite debuts of 2018. Most recently Sullivan has been playing with Kevin Morby’s band and like Morby, Night Shop’s music is timeless and effortless. His lyrics come out so natural, almost as if they are a running commentary of what he’s thinking; like he’s talking to a buddy at the end of the bar.

Joined by a whole host of friends including Meg Duffy, Anna St. Louis and Will Ivy; Sullivan’s seasoned vocals work oh so well with a musical style that’s reminiscent of late 50s/early 60s. The second track, the lovely and rueful If You Remember has a melody and tempo that reminded me of Via Chicago. Ship Has Sailed is another lovely track, seeing Sullivan full of regret over a lost relationship. Conversely, Here With Me Now, celebrates enjoying the time spent with a lover. Meg’s backing vocals on that track are simply delightful. Not to be outdone, Anna backs Sullivan up on a couple of tracks; my favorite being the closer Where Does Everyone Go?; really adding a punch to the album’s finish.

In The Break is the type of album that feels like it has been in my collection for years. Granted, I am unabashed fan of all things Morby, but this more than exceeded my expectations.

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