Saintseneca – Pillar of Na (album review)

by Woody on September 13, 2018

Photo Credit: Nick Fancher

Pillar of Na sees Zac Little and company expanding on their musical palette without losing touch with that hybrid of punk/Appalachian folk that endeared them to many. Sometimes it is easy to forget that our favorite bands are not machines, yet people that are constantly evolving. But for the listener, or at least this listener, it is nice when the band keeps that tether. Little says, “You’re always going to be situated in the folk legacy. But let’s move forward. I’m not trying to make the lost Velvet Underground B-side. I want to find something that has never been heard before, or at least go down trying.”

Pillar of Na does that. Working with Mike Mogis, Little is able to pull that off. The second track, Feverer really sits on fence of big indie tune (with synths and a mellotron) and sparser folk portions where Little is joined by long-term Maryn Jones and newcomer Casleigh Featherstone. Frostbiter starts off somewhat sorrowful, as Little sings of his later grandfather. But Jones’ swooning backing vocals bring some light; almost as if celebrating the life lived. Moon Barks at the Dog is just a lovely tune, probably my favorite they’ve ever done. The line, weep with me in 4/4 time gives me goose bumps.

Pillar of Na is my favorite Saintseneca album. I love what Little and crew is doing. I get excited to see where he takes things with every album.

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