Stoner Control – Alone In The City (album review)

by Woody on September 6, 2018

photo credit: Jason Quigley

In describing this album to a friend, I told him it sounded equal parts Big Star, Pavement and Superchunk. But after constantly spinning their sophomore effort, I started hearing other subtle influences that may or may not be intended or not.

Never Be You, one of my favorites, kind of sounds like track that Cooley would sing.It has a certain sneer to it that Cooley has mastered over the years. Local News reminds me of another Portland band, The Exploding Hearts. It has that giant hook that put The Exploding Hearts on the map before tragedy struck.

Aided by Hutch Harris, The Portland trio of Charley Williams, Sam Greenspan and Michael Cathcart deliver big hooks and an earnest energy across nine tracks for their sophomore effort. If you like rocking, then you’d be smart to check these fellas out.

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Stoner Control is here

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