Aaron Lee Tasjan – Karma For Cheap (album review)

by Woody on September 5, 2018

Photo By Curtis Wayne Millard

Something I am always fascinated with is how there are certain artists that I become obsessed with right away, before they fade away from my rotation never to be heard of again. And then there are certain artists I initially dismiss before coming around; having those artists become a bedrock in my musical rotation. In researching this album, I learned that Aaron Lee played in a band named Everest; a band that we were obsessed with ten years ago.

Conversely, it took me awhile to warm up Tasjan’s solo work. If it wasn’t for the constant tweeting of other Nashville musicians, I might not have circled back on his last album; the critically lauded Silver Tears. But once I connected, it was a done deal. For his latest, Tasjan seemed to ditch the idea of bundling a wide variety of influences into an album; rather mining the work of Tom Petty, The Beatles and Traveling Wilburys as his main colors in his musical artwork.

Dedicating the album to Tom Petty was a nice touch by Tasjan, but writing and executing a song like Heart Slows Down is an even better show of love. The Rest Is Yet To Come hits that Harrison nail right on the head. A really nice piece of British power-pop. A little later, Strange Shadows kicks off a Roy Orbison vibe in another excellent track.

It took me a while to realize it but there is no denying that A) Tasjan is a brilliant musician and songwriter and B) is not one to rest on his laurels. As long as he keeps challenging himself, he’s going to have a fan in me.

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