White Denim – Performance (album review)

by Woody on August 27, 2018

Photo Credit – Pooneh Ghana

White Denim finds their way with their best album since 2011’s D. After losing half the squad to Leon Bridges, I felt like 2016’s Stiff was solid but slowly faded from my rotation. When listening to them, I would always reach for the older stuff.

Performance harkens back to what I deem to be the sweet spot of their catalog between 2008’s Exposion and the aforementioned D. Founding members James Petralli and Steve Terebecki are joined by new members Michael Hunter (keys) and Conrad Choucroun (drums) on an album that was inspired by music from the 50s and 80s in an effort to, as Petralli puts it, “contrast the super-clean and inhuman with the raw and elemental.”

Mission accomplished. The talent of these guys have never been in question but sometimes they can get in their own way, like anyone who is bizarrely talented in their field. Bolstered by their long time production partner and guru Jim Vollentine, the boys stretch their legs out on a fascinating nine song set that doesn’t let up for a second. Every time you think they’re going to zig, they zag; when you think things are about to slow down; they step on the gas.

There’s a quote from Petralli in their press release on the band’s mission statement, β€œIt remains unchanged from the beginning – which is just to make interesting new rock & roll music.” That hits the nail on the head as the boys continue their method of hopping from prog to garage to jazz to psych to glam to make a fantastic album.

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