Peter More announce Beautiful Disrepair, out August 24.

by Woody on August 17, 2018

photo credit: Stephen Karlisch

Peter More, an Austin based artist, must have stepped in dog poop at some point in his life to get Donald Fagen to produce his debut. Think what you want about Steely Dan, but Donald Fagen is rock royalty. FWIW, I grew up on Steely Dan so I still have a soft spot for them. Sort of like Jim Court in Say Anything. Anyway, this track below is sweet. Here’s a little more from the PR squad.

After a chance encounter with Donald Fagen in San Miguel de Allende a lush, colonial enclave in central Mexico; Peter More wound up sitting in with Fagen, being invited to attend Levon Helm’s final Midnight Ramble concert and finally having Fagen himself produce his album; Beautiful Disrepair.

“In my mind, there is no specific theme to the album,” More says. But if there is a commonality tying his songs together, it’s emotional and physical wanderlust. “Definitely a lot of different places, different dynamics,” he says of Beautiful Disrepair’s sprawl of experiences, wherein he confronts moments of sadness and disappointment to make peace with them. “Life is not the easiest. It can be tough, but it can be hopeful, too.”

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