Aaron Lee Tasjan announces Karma For Cheap – 8/31/18

by Woody on August 11, 2018

Photo By Curtis Wayne Millard

It took me awhile to come around on Aaron Lee Tasjan’s last album, Silver Tears. Many others didn’t have that problem as the album was critically lauded by everyone from NPR to The Wall Street Journal. He’s back with another unique blend of Americana, glam-rock and power-pop. Karma For Cheap will see the light of day on 8/31 via the fine folks at New West Records. Some more info from the New West PR team.

With Karma for Cheap, Tasjan establishes himself as an artist who not only evolves over time, but isn’t afraid to risk reinventing himself from one record to the next. He states, “I needed this album to have a sense of adventure and mystery, to feel a little shaky and dangerous at times – something that wasn’t the obvious choice in terms of what people already like about what I do. I’ve come to realize that I’m a searcher, which means I’m going to be searching forever.”

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