The Love Language – Baby Grand (album review)

by Woody on August 9, 2018

Photo Credit – Marci Hohner

It was funny that Stuart McLamb used kaleidoscope affects for the video for New Amsterdam as I am always reminded of a kaleidoscope when listening to Stuart McLamb’s project, The Love Language. All a kaleidoscope is just some colors working with multiple reflectors to give an optical mind-fuck. At their core, every song is simply a quality piece of indie-pop. But it is the filters and production that McLamb uses to create these magical bits of self expression.

Baby Grand is a wonderful addition to what was already an outstanding catalog of albums. The genesis of The Love Langauge’s fourth album was a breakup and a move out to the West Coast.The aforementioned New Amsterdam is the loud, cathartic track that leads into a more reserved McLamb as he muses about where things went wrong with Southern Doldrums. Those two back to back encapsulate everything I love about his music and was exactly what I was wanting when this announced.

That’s not to say, McLamb isn’t stretching his legs a little. Juiceboxx and Shared Spaces are a dance-rock one-two in the middle of the album. While I wouldn’t welcome a whole album of it, I liked hearing his take on the genre. On the back end, there is no shortage of gems. Castle In The Sky starts off with just Stu strumming a guitar before easing into a shoegazey-arena rock blend that is most enjoyable. The album closes with one of the album’s highlights, Glassy, where McLamb reflects on how we got to where is now.

When I posted the announcement for Baby Grand, I said Hearya’s infatuation was irrational. I take that back. It is completely fucking rational as Stu’s music is outstanding and I love listening it. So there.

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