Ron Gallo announces Stardust Birthday Party for 10/5 release

by Woody on August 6, 2018

Ron Gallo is set to follow up on 2017’s excellent American Meta with Stardust Birthday Party, via the fine folks at New West. I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting Ron but I find him a truly unique and intriguing character via interview and articles. Here’s some more info on the album via the PR folks.

A life-altering, seismic shift in Gallo’s life is what led to Stardust Birthday Party – a counterpoint to Heavy Meta and a spiritual 180.The girl he’d been seeing had taken herself to South America at the height of her addiction, found a healer and had miraculously come out on the other side in 2016. It got Gallo’s interest piqued in an inward path and he began reading, searching. On a whim in early 2018, he booked a trip to California for a silent meditation retreat. Despite his initial discomfort, something significant occurred on day two that served as a singular answer to all his existential searching, and reaffirmed the foundation of this record – inner-transformation and how that impacts the outside world and your perception of it.

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Ron Gallo is here

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