Campdogzz – In Rounds (album review)

by Woody on August 4, 2018

Credit: Stephanie Bassos

I’ve always enjoyed Chicago (or any city for that matter) after a big storm; especially as the night deepens. The ominous clouds still linger as the city starts to quiet down; almost foreboding in nature. The feeling and energy teetering between hope and despair

I can’t really explain why but the new album by Campdogzz reminds me of that feeling. Fronted by Tulsa native, Jess Price, Campdoggz find that perfect blend of 90s indie and folk, producing a haunting and powerful sound that reminds me of Angel Olsen.

The album is chopped up in three parts by a recurring instrumental interludes, titled Bobbing On The Plains. Each section has a standout tune – Run Wild in the first, Batshit in the second and Dry Heat in the last. And then right at the end, Russell pops up on the mic for the seven minute closer, Sorceress; a dark alt-country(ish) track. Not that I want less of Price, but I wouldn’t be opposed to more of Russell.

They are having their record release show tonight at Hungry Brain in Chicago. Sadly, I can’t make it but I suggest you check them out.

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Campdogzz are here

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