Clearance – At Your Leisure (album review)

by Woody on July 31, 2018

Granted I am an old suburban fucker but I can’t remember a time in Chicago when so many young bands were releasing quality albums. At Your Leisure is another excellent release during such a wealth of excellent releases. The elevator pitch I made in describing them to a buddy was, imagine Stephen Malkmus recording an album of Flying Nun tunes.

Every tune has a guitar hook that is the textbook definition of an earworm. Vocalist/guitarist Mike Bellis and guitarist Kevin Fairbairn weave these wonderful licks with influences, including but not limited to The Kinks, Peter Buck, Kraftwerk, Flying Nun, etc.; all the while bassist Greg Obis and drummer Arthur Velez buzz around pushing the tracks forward.

Some of my favorites include Destination Wedding which had a cool part in the middle of the track where the guitars sound weary, kind of like you do at a Destination Wedding after hitting too many tequilas. Had A Fantastic is 90 second blast of indie delight where Bellis spits the words like James Mercer in his early Shins days. On Another Arrow, Obis & Velez really stand out as the quartet is jerking the tempo around like a kid behind the wheel for the first time. It is top-notch fun for people that like to rock.

While I didn’t mention one Chicago artist as an influence, this album sounds quintessentially Chicago to me. Their record release show is this Friday at The Hideout and I’ll be there because I am one of those aforementioned people that like to rock.

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Clearance is here

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