Phosphorescent announces C’est La Vie for 10/5 release

by Woody on July 30, 2018

Rejoice, for there is new music by Matthew Houck and Phosphorescent. It has been five years from Muchacho, one of the best albums of the last 20 years. The first track, New Birth In New England, is everything you’re looking for in a Phosphorescent tune. Get very excited for this one, as I sure am. C’est La Vie will see the light of day on 10/5 via the fine folks at Dead Oceans. Here’s a little more from the PR machine.

Houck’s first new Phosphorescent release in five years chronicles a life-altering period which saw him fall in love, start a family, leave New York for Nashville, and build a studio from the ground up. With a focus on translating these profound experiences to music as intuitively as he could, Houck pushes the boundaries of what a Phosphorescent record can sound like, balancing the earthy and the incandescent, the troubled and the serene, creating his own musical cosmos in the process.

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Phosphorescent is here

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