Phantastic Ferniture – s/t debut (album review)

by Woody on July 23, 2018


Phantastic Ferniture is a beautifully simplistic album of garage pop made by four friends after making a a drunken pledge to record together. As much as I am fan of this album, it probably wouldn’t have landed on my radar without my unbridled love of Julia Jacklin’s Don’t Let The Kids Win; an album where I found Jacklin’s voice to be absolutely entrancing.

Recording with her Sydney pals, Elizabeth Hughes, Ryan K Brennan and Tom Stephens, the quartet all aimed for a looser and simpler sound. Jacklin says, “My first instinct was to go simple and sexy, like a lot of good pop music.” It is crunchy and a little rough around the edges but it works its way right into your good graces. The lead single Fucking ‘n’ Rollin is so god damn catchy that I didn’t know if the rest of the album could keep up. If that tune doesn’t get licensed for some sort of indie rom-com drama TV show on Hulu, then I fucking give up.

Take It Off is an absolute winner; a sultry bluesy number with a a filthy tribal beat to it. That tune almost demands to be played in a sweaty basement club with no windows. Parks is another cracking tune with crunching guitars; nice production work on this one as well. Love the layering of the guitars.

Listen, these guys aren’t reinventing the wheel. But this is what music is about. Making drunken decisions that you need to deal with in the morning.

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