Stoner Control announce Alone In The City for 8/31 release

by Woody on July 19, 2018

photo credit: Jason Quigley

Stoner Control are a Portland based trio comprised of Charley Williams, Sam Greenspan and Michael Cathcart. Producing their new album is none other than Hutch Harris of The Thermals. If you dig The Thermals and Superchunk, than you’d be smart to check out that tune below.

Alone in the City marks an evolution from the raw and unfiltered sound of the band’s self titled debut, a heavy and fast-paced tribute to the golden age of alternative rock. While still keeping their original DIY aesthetic, Alone in the City features a cleaner and brighter sound featuring the jangly guitars and melodic pop of classic 60s rock ‘n roll, echoing the Byrds, Big Star, and the early Who and Rolling Stones. Lyrically, the album represents a shift from the highly personal towards towards a more open ended approach to story telling, without abandoning Stoner Control’s trademark playful melancholy.

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Stoner Control is here

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