Lemon Twigs announce Go To School for 8/24 release

by Woody on July 17, 2018

The Lemon Twigs are the Long Island brothers Brian and Michael D’Addario and they are set to follow up on 2016’s excellent 2016 Do Hollywood with what I guess you’d call the score for a musical. It sounds kind of insane but I wouldn’t bet against these guys pulling it off. Check their Tiny Desk concert. if you have doubts. Check out the closing track below and see what they have to say about the album.

Go To School tells the heartbreaking coming of age story of Shane, a pure of heart chimpanzee raised as a human boy as he comes to terms with the obstacles of life. Todd Rundgren and their real life mother Susan Hall play Shane’s parents. The album features contributions from Jody Stephens (Big Star) and their father Ronnie D’Addario.

Today, The Lemon Twigs reveal “If You Give Enough,” the soaring album closer. In lines like “Your life’s only good as love, if you give enough,” the moral of the fable is revealed: give a lot of love without expecting it in return and you won’t be corrupted by the hate around you.

Just added in Small Victories, a funky piece of psych-pop that will worm it’s way into your brain after one listen.

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The Lemon Twigs are here

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