Quiet Hollers release new track, Addicted

by Woody on July 16, 2018

Quiet Hollers have released a new track, fresh off of 2017’s excellent Amen Breaks. As the band continues to tour behind Amen Breaks, they have released a new track. Here is some info on the track.

Quiet Hollers’ frontman Shadwick Wilde didn’t intend for it to be a “drug song” necessarily, though its inception came at a time when his family was struggling with the loss of his mother’s brother, who died of a fentanyl overdose. Wilde himself has struggled with addiction since adolescence. Fortunately, he’s always stayed away from heroin, but we’re in the middle of an epidemic and just about everyone has lost someone to it, so he felt it was important to acknowledge how deeply vulnerable we all are to these things, and how serious that problem really is. Not just of the problem of addiction, but of this world we’ve created and why it can be so hard to live in.

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Quiet Hollers are here

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