Night Shop announce In The Break for 9/14 release

by Woody on July 11, 2018

Night Shop is the moniker of Justin Sullivan. Justin Sullivan has 20 years of experience and hard work in this game, most recently as the drummer for Kevin Morby’s band. I first heard of Night Shop when Morby tweeted something about it. Being that I love most things Morby, I clicked on it and became a fan. If you like most things Morby or like good music, I think you’ll come to the same conclusion. Here’s some more info on the album. In The Break will see the light of the day on 9/14 via Mare Records, Morby’s label.

But in the middle of a tour in August of 2016, Sullivan realized the rigors of the road had grown to be too much. He made the decision to take a full calendar year away from touring and focus, for the first time, on writing his own music. The title of the album is a reference to this time period, but it’s also part of a larger philosophy that shapes the songs.

“It reminded me of how it felt when my friends and I were all first getting excited about music,” Sullivan says. “We’d work our jobs and go through the mechanics of life and music was an escape-time we’d steal for ourselves in the midst of the chaos of living and figuring out who we were.” In The Break was written during these moments.

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