Dilly Dally announce Heaven for 9/14 release

by Woody on July 9, 2018

Photo: Michelle Homonylo

Toronto’s Dilly Dally is set to release the follow up to 2015’s Sore, an album that grew on me long after its release. In the aftermath to Sore’s success and tours, the band almost called it quits. As frontwoman Katie Monks puts it, “This feels like the album we’d make if the band died and went to heaven,” If you are new to Dilly Dally, think of some the harder hitting 90s indie rock bands and that will give you the right mindset when checking them out. The first track, I Feel Free, absolutely fucking shreds. Here’s some more info on the album below.

Rising from the ashes with more power and conviction than ever before, the band’s new album is, appropriately enough, titled ‘Heaven,’ and it’s a fierce, fiery ode to optimism, a distortion-soaked battle cry for hope and beauty in a world of darkness and doubt. Monks describes the songs as coping mechanisms, and the collection does indeed form something of a survival kit for hard times, but even more than that, it’s a declaration of faith in the power of music and a burning reminder that we need not wait until the afterlife for things to get better.

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