The Nude Party – s/t (album review)

by Woody on July 6, 2018

Photo credit: Sacha Lecca

The North Carolina six-piece are aiming to give Diarrhea Planet a run for their money for most ridiculous t-shirt in my closet. In addition to the, let’s say, unique and colorful name; they have delivered a helluva a debut LP. The band wears their affinity for 60s classic rock but they gently mix in some twangy influence to spice things up.

The essence of the band is a boss engine room that drives the music forward while ripping good riffs and tasty keys (lots of boogie-woogie piano in the spirit of Ian Stewart) kick the tunes into high gear. The second track, Feels Alright, is the most rocking tune you’ll find about the remnants of nuclear war. War Is Coming has a real British Invasion feel to it, as does Gringo Che (albeit after the aforementioned British band spent a week wandering the desert eating Peyote). And Records shows where any true music lover’s loyalty should lie.

In a nutshell, these guys boogie. You can see why their live shows became a must-see event and their debut more than justifies New West’s decision to sign then.

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The Nude Party is here

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