Spider Bags announce Someday Everyday Will Be Fine for 8/3 release

by Woody on June 27, 2018

Spider Bags continue to remain one of our country’s most underrated bands today. Merge will be releasing Someday Everyday Will Be Fine on 8/3; their first since 2014’s excellent Frozen Letter. They fucking rock. Here’s some wise words from the Merge site.

Recorded in Memphis at Bunker Audio by Andrew McCalla, Someday Everything Will Be Fine leverages the limitations and glory of the Tascam 388, a vintage recording/mixing device that’s acquired a mythos via its association with legendary records by Dinosaur Jr. and others. Unlike the error-erasing editing software Spider Bags frontman Dan McGee has favored in the past, the Tascam’s charms are more immediate, and it has a visceral resonance all its own.Someday Everything Will Be Fine, which is about the importance of saying f**k it and dancing to a rock and roll record, is an album only Spider Bags could make.

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