Saintseneca announce Pillar of Na for 8/31 release

by Woody on June 19, 2018

Photo Credit: Nick Fancher

Saintseneca have released a couple of albums of what I would loosely term as folk. It definitely had a punk edge to it and their debut certainly showed an affinity for Neutral Milk Hotel. The band has continued to evolve and based on this first track, lead singer Zac Little’s ambition is still running strong.

Musically, Pillar of Na is Saintseneca’s most ambitious album to date, with Little aiming to incorporate genre elements he’d rarely heard in folk. “I wanted to use the idiom of folk-rock, or whatever you want to call it, and to try to do something that had never been done before,” Little explains. “To reach way back, echoing ancient folk melodies, tie that into punk rock, and then push it into the future. I told Mike Mogis I wanted Violent Femmes meets the new Blade Runner soundtrack. I’m looking for the intersection between Kendrick Lamar and The Fairport Convention.”

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Saintseneca is here

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