Andy Jenkins – Sweet Bunch (album review)

by Woody on June 18, 2018

Sweet Bunch is what happens you take 10 track of easy going Americana (with a 70s flavor) and run them through the Spacebomb filter. Spoiler alert: what happens is goodness. I hadn’t heard of of Andy Jenkins prior to his album release but I am a massive fan of White’s music, production work and overall approach towards music.

This is one of those symbiotic relationships you read about in biology class. I think White’s touch takes Jenkins songs to another level but needless to say, all of White’s special work would be rendered useless without Jenkins tasty tunes. That being said, the title track where White helps out on the vocals is pure magic. Built around a lazy guitar riff that sounds like it originated on a back porch, Jenkins and White trade verses back with gentle backing vocals. This song is one of those slow-burning epic jams that makes me happy that I love music as much as I do.

This is the perfect summer album for me. I cranked this fucker up the other day as I was grilling and drinking a cool one. The troubles of the day just washed away from me. Some of the other top-notch jams include the opener Hazel Woods, Ascendant Hog and Get Together. In reality, the whole album kicks ass.

So in conclusion. Andy Jenkins. Cool. Matthew E. White. Cool. Phil Cook, oh yeah didn’t even mention him yet and you know I love his shit. So yeah, cool.

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