Smokescreens announce Used To Yesterday for 7/13 release

by Woody on June 14, 2018

Photo Credit : Gina Clyne

Smokescreens are an LA based band that started out when Chris Rosi and Corey Cunningham decided to put their mutual love of New Zealand’s Flying Nun Records to good use and start recording. Don’t know much more about other than that and what I read below but I am digging this track. Used To Yesterday is out July 13 via the fine folks at Slumberland Records.

Used To Yesterday continues Smokescreen’s zeal for New Zealand pop but also incorporates influences from the more melodic side of Messthetics-era DIY pop and expands into classic indie pop territory, a natural fit for the group’s new label Slumberland Records. First single “The Lost Song” perfectly encapsulates where the band is coming from on this new record; literally a lost demo from the group’s earliest days, it is here given a NZ-meets-Athens GA arrangement, galloping along at an urgent clip and packed with guitars that strum and jangle in magical unison.

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Smokescreens are here

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