Erin Rae – Putting On Airs (album review)

by Woody on June 13, 2018

credit: Marcus Maddox

Erin Rae first came to my attention when Margo Price was talking her up on Twitter. Upon checking her out, I was immediately reminded of was Courtney Marie Andrews. Not so much that they sound the same but that they are cut from the same cloth. Brilliant voice, lovely lyrics with the musical accompaniment and production that isn’t glossy; adding to the proceedings as opposed to getting in the way. I make it sound so simple but when someone does in such an understated way like Erin and Courtney, it is brilliant.

Putting on Airs was released via John Paul White’s Single Lock Records on June 8th and he had this to say, “When I first heard Erin’s compelling voice, I knew nothing about her. It was live, with no intro (she was opening for friends of mine), and I was instantly transfixed…” While I don’t have any of the talent that White has, I did have the same reaction. There is something enchanting about her delivery.

The album centers around Erin’s upbringing and life in Tennessee. The standout track of the album, Bad Mind, centers around Erin’s struggles with her own sexuality. Her vocals have this ethereal feel to them as the gentle tune is boosted by this hypnotic acoustic riff. It truly is top-notch songwriting from beginning to end.

Elsewhere, in the middle of the album is the nice one-two punch of Mississippi Queen, a wonderfully textured folky tune that leads into the noisy distortion of Like the First Time. There is this subtle piano riff that runs throughout the latter track, that just does enough to keep the track from going off the rails; almost as if it is tethering the guitar riff to her vocals.

Margo Price told me to listen to Erin Rae. I did and am I ever glad I took her advice. This is a diverse and wonderfully executed set of Americana.

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