Clean Spill announce new EP, Nothing’s On My Mind

by Woody on June 12, 2018

Santa Barbara’s Clean Spill are set to release Nothing’s On My Mind this summer. They got themselves a nice surfy garage sound and the first track is a solid listen. Here’s some more info on the track.

Doctor started out as an introspective view of life through a dog’s eyes. Specifically, we wanted to personify Shea’s dog (named Doctor) and imagine what his comments would be on his surroundings. Dogs usually seem exceptionally content with their existence, but we could tell Doc was a rather contemplative guy. The lines — “House, I’m living, with next to no meaning” — exhibits his true perception of his situation. Eventually, the song evolved into a commentary on the superficial aspects of life, comparing the needs and desires of a dog to that of a typical consumer, living a life centered around money and meaningless things. Also, when writing the chorus, we thought it would be funny to use the word “House” to reference the popular TV drama (Doctor House is a badass). For the sound, we wanted to emulate the dynamics The Pixies used in their songs, having an explosive chorus while still maintaining momentum during the verse. Charlie proposed the cowbell as a joke, but it actually added to the overall raw feel we were striving for so we kept it.

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