Deeper – s/t (album review)

by Woody on June 11, 2018

Last Tuesday, I was wandering around the kitchen as the Cubs game was on. I was half-paying attention as they came out of commercial with a guitar hook I recognized. That guitar hook felt out of place; belonging to Chicago’s quarter, Deeper.

To say it was weird to hear Len and JD break them down was an understatement; although I did like JD saying that they had a bit of a Talking Heads vibe to them. The band has been crafting their sound for the last three years and the end result is a feverish brand of post-punk. Singer and guitarist Nic Gohl guitarist Mike Clawson play riffs that bear the hallmarks of unnerving post-punk, but mixed is an chill and easy-going vibe.

In addition to Clawson and Gohl, drummer Shiraz Bhatti and bassist Drew McBride are in the mix as well. My favorite thing about this band is that the five elements (including vocals) seem to be all be operating in a vacuum, only coming together in short stints within tunes. They build up this tension in a way that is reminiscent of Parquet Courts only to let it release in a sweet jangly riff.

After three tracks of nerve-bending tunes, the track below (Pavement) comes on. It is almost a respite it it is the most linear of the tracks. Soon enough, they’re back at it; challenging you and pushing your buttons. The more you listen, the more you appreciate what they’re doing – again kinda like Parquet Courts.

These guys rock and based on this gem, they got a bright future.

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Deeper is here

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