Gold Star announces Uppers & Downers for 9/7 release

by Woody on June 6, 2018

Credit: Mic Becker

Gold Star is the moniker of LA’s Marlon Rabenreither. We stumbled into one of his set’s during SXSW ’17 and we all were immediately smitten with his music. Big Blue was one of my favorite albums of 2017 and am happy that AutumnTone is set to release the follow up on 9/7. Like Big Blue, these first two tracks do remind me of Tweedy. Here’s some on the new album.

“What artists do is reactionary to what they did before,” Rabenreither reasons. “I wanted to do the opposite of my previous LP, Big Blue, and make this record a collection of songs.” Hence the title, which isn’t a strictly literal reference to different mental states, or even medication, but rather to the diversity of song styles.“The idea was to achieve a deeper scope, a more dynamic range: slow songs, fast songs, less genre specific, capturing all the moods.”

Indeed, Uppers And Downers is a collage that winks at classic eras, but with a modern bite and twist. It starts with the searching drawl and sadness of “Crooked Teeth,” while on “Baby Face” Rabenreither channels a more modern jauntiness. “This Is The Year,” on the other hand, is a freewheeling rock number that could’ve been masterminded in the late ‘90s, and features Cameron Avery of Tame Impala on piano.

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Gold Star is here

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