Clearance signs w/ Top Shelf; announces At Your Leisure – 7/27/18

by Woody on May 30, 2018

Clearance are a Chicago foursome that run a nice blendy of jangly indie guitar with some of the harder edges of post-punk. Kind of reminds me of Salad Boys in some ways. At Your Leisure will see the light of day on July 27th via the fine folks at Top Shelf Records. Here’s a little more on the album.

At Your Leisure is the culmination of long tours, breakneck writing sessions, and the evolving friendship between band members Mike Bellis, guitarist Kevin Fairbairn, bassist Greg Obis, and drummer Arthur Velez. Older and wiser, Clearance uses the trials and tribulations of being an indie rock band navigating the maddeningly contradictory music industry in 2018 as a secret weapon

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Clearance is here

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