Campdogzz announces In Round for 8/3 release

by Woody on May 25, 2018

Photo Credit: Stephanie Bassos

Campdogzz are a Chicago based quintet centered around the haunting voice of Tulsa native, Jess Price. I’ve only just heard of them but I’m digging them as they rock pretty hard. They sort of remind of Annabelle Chairlegs, a band that turned in one of the best sets of SXSW 2018. In Rounds will be out on 8/3 via the fine folks at 15 Passenger.

Here’s a little more about the band

‘In Rounds’ is centered around driving rhythms, insistent dual guitars set in intriguing arrangements, and the haunting, evocative voice of Tulsa, OK-native Jess Price. Her melodies take on the shape of a storm making its way in — and out just as soon. There’s a feeling of electricity, of winds shifting, a magical mix of both comfort and unease. The album was written partially in Chicago but mostly throughout the Southwest as Price and guitarist/vocalist Mike Russell traveled post-tour. Engulfed by desert, this starkness — like the mercurial storms of Price’s native Oklahoma — couldn’t help but seep into the songs. It was a period of collective change for the band as relationships began and ended, people moved and planted new roots. Everyone experienced some sort of massive life shift and ‘In Rounds’ serves as a reflection of that period, of growth and patience.

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Campdogzz are here

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