Goon sign to Partisan, re-release two EPs

by Woody on May 24, 2018

Goon is an LA quartet that I have been digging for a couple of years now. Took in a rousing SXSW set in 2017 and it appears that all my support has landed them on the Partisan Records roster. Kudos to them. Their music is usually loud and fuzzy, reminiscent of 90s indie. The tune below is a little more mellow. Here is Goon’s frontman, Kenny Becker, on one of the new tracks.

“Choke Throat” takes Goon’s power cord-friendly tendencies down a more delicate, freak-folk indebted path, adding touches of saxophone along the way. The song was inspired by the aftermath of a surgery Becker had last year to fix a serious sinus condition. He says: “The medication that I take now to maintain the benefits from the surgery sometimes gives me this crazy heartburn feeling that makes my throat feel like it’s closing up. It happens less often now, but it was happening a lot around the time I recorded this song. My life pre-surgery was really difficult due to crazy sinus/respiratory problems. A lot of those problems have been alleviated, and I’d much rather live with the occasional ‘choke throat’ than go back to how things were.”

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Goon is here

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