Gold Connections – Popular Fiction (album review)

by Woody on May 22, 2018

“Get back to rock ‘n’ roll,” Gold Connections front Will Marsh exhorts on the opening track Icarus. The seven minute track does exactly that, setting the table for what is a thoroughly enjoyable debut LP of ripping good indie rock.

Marsh’s career got a nice bump after having a link with Will Toledo of Car Seat Headrest. But with Popular Fiction, Marsh stands on his own two feet working with producer Daniel Goans. The one thing that he shares with Toledo is that his tunes are prone to take left turns at a moment’s notice. Just as you’re putting your finger on an inspiration, Marsh will shift gears. That’s a trait I love in both artists.

In addition to Icarus, which is about as good a way to open your debut LP; Bad Intentions, the title track and Isabel are among my favorites. Isabel reminds me of another under-the-radar album from last year that was on my faves of 2017, Big Blue by Gold Star.

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Gold Connections is here

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