Lucero announce Among The Ghosts for 8/3 release

by Woody on May 21, 2018

Photo by Dan Ball

Lucero are back with their 9th album, and if the first two songs are any indication; they are going to be entering their 20th year of existence on a high note. The tunes below are the best tracks I’ve heard Lucero crank out since Rebels. Read this below and tell me you’re not fucking amped.

Recorded primarily live as a five-piece, Among the Ghosts eschews the Stax-inspired horns and Jerry Lee Lewis-style boogie piano featured on some of the band’s past recordings for a streamlined rock & roll sound that pays homage to their seminal influences as it seeks to push that legacy into the future. For a band who carried the torch of the alt-country movement back in the 90’s and helped pave the way for what is now called Americana, Lucero have re-discovered what inspired them in the first place. The sound is more their own and at the same time not exactly like anything they’ve done before. This is a band settling into their craft.

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Lucero is here

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