Cut Worms – Hollow Ground (album review)

by Woody on May 14, 2018

Photo Credit – Joyce Lee

Cut Worms, the moniker of Max Clarke, is oft compared to The Everly Brothers. And while I’m familiar with a couple of their songs, I’m not well enough versed to speak intelligently about that. However, what Clarke’s lo-fi 60’s sound with hints of twang reminds me of is when Lennon would dabble in Americana.

Clarke does it all on the album; guitars, lap steel, bass, keys and is harmonizing with himself on every track. The layering of all these elements is done in such a brilliant manner; it belies what at first came across as pretty basic tunes. It’s like the melody hooked me in and once I started checking under the hood; I was like damn, there’s some cool shit happening in there.

Don’t Want To Say Goodbye and Til Tomorrow Goes Away are love songs that sees the protagonist pining for his love. Just great stuff. Hang Your Picture Up To Dry is the most twang of all the tracks; it is tear in your beer stuff. Would fit in nice with the Joshua Hedley debut. Actually, those two would be a nice twin bill.

Hollow Ground is a real nice debut by an artist with a very mature and fine-tuned ear. It has been an absolute pleasure peeling away at the layers of these tracks.

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