Claire Morales announces All That Wanting for 6/29 release

by Woody on May 10, 2018

Claire Morales lives outside of Denton, TX and she’s set to release her sophomore album on 6/29. The title track is below and it reminded me of TORRES and Angel Olsen, which is pretty lofty company. Here’s a little more on the album.

All That Wanting is the follow-up to Morales’s debut album, Amaranthine. If Amaranthine was a nostalgic meditation on the departure from childhood, All That Wanting is the delve into the vast freedom, possibility and existential terror of young adult life. The album is an exploration of desire as a mythic force, capable of compelling one forward or consuming one whole. Each song is tangled up in some different want, whether it be for love, intimacy, sex, agency, recognition, absolution, glory or eternal life. The album revolves around our propensity as people to endlessly crave more, psychically hungry even though we’ve just eaten. It asks how to tame this feeling and instead take hold of all the beauty that’s there before us and self actualize.

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