Brent Cobb – Providence Canyon (album review)

by Woody on May 10, 2018

Photo Credit: Don Van Cleave

Amazingly I missed Brent Cobb’s debut, Shine on Rainy Day, when it came out. It wasn’t until I saw him kick out a set during 2017’s SXSW that I was hooked. I’ve worn that album out ever since; well at least since I got an advance of Providence Canyon.

Cobb’s brand of Americana is so warm and inviting, in a way that will sit well with fans of Jason Isbell. His albums and live sets have a bit of boogie to them, the rhythm section is thick and juicy (like a good steak). Morning’s Gonna Come feels like a blend between Mofro and Sturgill. And right there is why I enjoy his music so much; like Sturgill, Cobb is refusing to allow himself be pigeon-holed in any sort of Americana hole.

.30.06 is another track that boogies; where the protagonist doesn’t like another man paying frequent visits to his wife while he’s away and threatens him with the barrel of a gun. While not something I condone, Cobb is from rural Georgia and he’s going to sing about what he knows. He also seems to have his head on his shoulders and is a responsible gun owner.

His mid-tempo numbers are on another level. With the help of Maggie Rogers’ backing vocals, the title track and Come Home Soon with its gentle pedal steel will give you goose bumps as you feel as if your transported to rural Georgia.

Dave Cobb, Brent’s cousin and famed producer of Isbell, Sturgill and his cousin among others, once labeled his cousin as the Redneck Paul Simon. After listening to Providence Canyon on repeat these last few weeks, that is as apt a description that you could bestow on Brent Cobb’s music.

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