Speedy Oritz – Twerp Verse (album review)

by Woody on May 5, 2018

photo by Shervin Lainez

When the leader of a band steps out and makes a solo album that falls outside the genre that I am accustomed to, I get a little worried when that band reconvenes. Slugger was lead singer’s Sadie Dupuis solo effort under the moniker of Sad13 and was decidedly more pop in nature than her stuff with Speedy. While Slugger was well-received, it isn’t a genre that I gravitate towards.

Any worry I might have had flew out the window during their set I saw at SXSW. The new songs were sharp and immediately hooked you in. They fit in nicely with favorites from Foil Deer and Major Arcana. A couple of my favorites of mine include Lean In When I Suffer (a track about those toxic friendships you just can’t shake), Villain (a tune tackling the unwanted advances and harassment that women endure) and oddly enough You Hate The Title; the most poppy song on the album.

Slugger might not have been my cup of tea but the time away from Speedy with Dupuis dipping her toes into other genres has done Speedy Ortiz well. Dupuis’ writing has never been sharper and this is just a stellar album. Kudos to them.

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