Valley Queen announce Supergiant for 7/13 release

by Woody on May 4, 2018

Photo Credit: Pooneh Ghana

Valley Queen first landed on my radar in 2016 with their Destroyer EP. A very hungover me, caught one of their 2017 SXSW sets at The San Jose and it was quite lovely. Now they’re set to release their debut LP, Supergiant via the fine folks at Roll Call Records. Here’s the scoop on the title track.

“The song ‘Supergiant’ is about how we’re all made up of the same stuff as stars, and I liked the idea of tying the whole album together with that metaphor,” says frontwoman / guitarist Natalie Carol. “It takes all the drama you hear on the record-the aggressive, chaotic moments, and the more beautiful or quieter moments-and puts it all into a more galactic perspective.”

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Valley Queen is here

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