D.A. Stern announces Isn’t It Obvious EP

by Woody on April 19, 2018

I had never heard of D.A. Stern until today. This is a quality pop tune and I’m happy to have it in my life. The EP will be out tomorrow via the fine folks at Slumberland Records. Here’s some more info from the PR machine.

D.A. Stern is a crafty songwriter whose sensibility marries an arch and sometimes unsettled outlook with the classic melodicism and wit of heavyweight influences like Harry Nilsson and Elvis Costello. His 2017 debut album “Aloha Hola” is a mini-masterpiece of modern pop that perfectly encapsulates that ethos and rather cannily reflects both his New Jersey roots and chosen Los Angeles home. Slumberland is pleased to have reissued “Aloha Hola” and we’re psyched to bring you some fresh D.A. Stern as well.

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D.A. Stern is here

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