The Moondoggies – A Love Sleeps Deep (album review)

by Woody on April 18, 2018

Photo by Jason Neuerburg

It’s five long years since The Moondoggies released an album. Long labeled (by me) as one of America’s most underrated bands, A Love Sleeps Deep sees the Everett, WA quintet building on all the facets that made their first three albums so damn enjoyable. They are a throw back to when bands played guitar rock built on a rock-steady rhythm section.

What’s always stood out to me is there ability to change courses during songs without losing sight of spine of the song. Robert Terreberry and Carl Dahlen keep Caleb Quick (keys) and Jon Potrello (lead and steel) tethered as lead singer & guitarist Kevin Murphy sings often in harmony with the others. Nothing seems rushed or forced. Songs might wander into corners, but instead of panicking; the boys casually backtrack and ease out of tunes with some wonderful outros. Sick In Bed is a real nice example of this.

Songwriter, Kevin Murphy has also sharpened his game during the break. Father to two young girls and building a family with his girlfriend, Murphy’s view of the world has definitely changed. He’s watched his girlfriend of Peruvian descent experience casual racism as if it’s nothing; addressed on Cinders. He’s had run-ins with a landlord over the shitty conditions that his family was living in; addressed on Soviet Barn Fire. And like the rest of us, he’s watching out planet continually get shit on for a dollar; addressed on (Underground) A Love Sleeps Deep.

In a nutshell, they just sound so comfortable in their own skin and it shows on the music. They may never be the arena gods that so many of the bands that inspired them. But they continue to get better and better.

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