Sarah Shook & The Disarmers – Years (album review)

by Woody on April 13, 2018

photo by John Gessner

The first time I saw Sarah Shook & The Disarmers live I did Sarah a disservice. As we took in the set, I commented that her backing band, The Disarmers, was bunch of grizzled shitkickers. Reason being, is that Sarah is a grizzled shitkicker and that ethos translates on both her debut, Sidelong, and her excellent sophomore effort, Years.

Years is that perfect mix of brash “I don’t give a fuck” punk and heart-on-your-sleeve country. The Bottle Never Lets Me Down has that classic, “fuck it, hit me with another shot!!!” feel to it. Sun might come up tomorrow but I’m going to drink to forget what wronged me today.

Shook also mines the ending of a relationship from numerous angles. Whether it be indifference (Damned If I Do, Damned If I Don’t), realization setting in (Good As Gold) or sorrow (Parting Words); Shook delivers the goods. She has the God-given gift of having a voice that radiated genuine feeling.

Years is a classic Bloodshot album in every way conceivable. It also shows some nice growth from her debut, Sidelong, an album that I loved. The future of twang is good hands with artists like Shook as long as Bloodshot and other labels keep kicking out music like this.

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