Goat Girl – s/t (album review)

by Woody on April 9, 2018

photo – Holly Whitaker

The debut by London’s Goat Girl is 19 songs spread out over 40 minutes. It is a wild ride and a really impressive debut LP by a band this young. The songs play as if they were born from random scribbles on a notebook with little regard to convention.

Tracks like Cracker Drool and The Man are going to be the tracks that lure you in. They’re hooky, noisy and generally a lot of fun to lose yourself in. And I’d be lying if I wasn’t a little disappointed at first that the whole album wasn’t like this. But the more I listened, the more I enjoyed the overall sense of unpredictability and variety.

The Man With No Heart or Brain sounds like a traditional pub song interpreted by The Breeders. Slowly Reclines and I Throw You A Bone have this hint of twang to it; reminding me of when The Clash or The Mescaleros would dip their toes in that genre. Country Sleaze, the penultimate tune, is about female empowerment regarding sex. It’s a heavy tune that could slip into the alt-country genre.

All in all, this is an album that you need to stay with as there new things to unpack with every listen. The future is bright for these ladies. They are in no danger of being pigeon-holed and clearly are up for challenging themselves.

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