Naked Giants – Sluff (album review)

by Woody on April 4, 2018

At one of the two SXSW sets I took in from Naked Giants, a DJ asked the band to use Sluff in a sentence. Here’s my attempt. Sluff is a kick-ass debut effort that rocks as hard as any debut I can remember. I commented during one of their sets, “they sound like someone dumped White Denim, Parquet Courts and Car Seat Headrest into a blender, poured the mixture into some bizarre mold and then presented it to the world.

Henry LaVallee (drums), Grant Mullen (guitar/vox) and Gianni Aiello (bass/vox) come across both live and on the record as they’re playing for themselves. Mullen will shoot out a riff and Aiello and LaVallee take that as a cue to step on the gas and go. We’re Alone sounds like the early incarnation of White Denim covering Dick Dale. TV boogies hard with some wacky lyrics that serve as an anchor for the band as they careen through the song at breakneck speeds.

So after all that, I leave you with the words of drummer Henry LaVallee, “I just want to make as much noise and have as much fun and get as sweaty as I can, and if that resonates with people, that’s who I want in my life. That’s who I want to play music for.” Count me in Henry. Count me in for sure.

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