Amen Dunes – Freedom (album review)

by Woody on April 2, 2018

I was initially going to post a pic of me pointing up for my review and call it a day. But then I felt that I owed a little bit more to Damon McMahon, Sacred Bones and his PR folks. Love, Amen Dunes’ last album, took a while to work its way into my favor. But Freedom had me hooked from the minute I heard Miki Dora and hasn’t let up since. Hearing the album for first time was like being sucked into a portal and spit out the other end wondering what the fuck just happened.

I found the sonic template; seamlessly blending folk, indie rock and electronic elements (FWIW, I haven’t enjoyed the use of synths this much on an album for as long as I can remember) and McMahon’s vocals to be more accessible than anything he’s done before. Further, McMahon has never opened himself like he does on Freedom. McMahon tackles his youth, male identity and his mother’s diagnosis with terminal cancer. It’s as if Freedom is McMahon’s freedom to fully let you into his orbit and the results are magnificent.

Freedom is a hazy, gorgeous ride that will leave you a bit woozy at its conclusion. While I lauded Miki Dora as his best track ever (and one of the best you’ll hear in 2018), this album is best enjoyed and its entirety. I just took the dog on a long walk as the sun was setting and it was almost spiritual.

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