Bonny Doon – Longwave (album review)

by Woody on March 29, 2018

Photo Credit : Chloe Sells

Bonny Doon’s music is perfect for those movie scenes where they show a montage of events that span six months during a two minute period; all the while a mid-tempo tune helps paint the picture. Oft-compared to Silver Jews and the mellower aspects of Pavement, The Detroit quartet’s music shifts into high gear and that allows you to really soak in the scene they’re painting with their lyrics.

Longwave is most certainly simpler in its approach. I don’t know if I’d call it stripped down but it is definitely more laid-back. Gone are the layers and overdubs of their s/t debut. I don’t know if it is better but it certainly isn’t worse. It’s just four talented dudes tweaking the formula a bit and coming out with 10 new tasty tracks.

As I mentioned in my review of their debut, their lyrics remind me of Nap Eyes. Bill Lennox and Bobby Colombo each take observational turns at the mic. On I Am Here (I Am Alive), Lennox just wants to get where he’s going in life but doesn’t really know where that is. Saved sees the band taking aim at the savior narrative labeled on numerous outsiders in their hometown of Detroit, as opposed to appropriating some of that acclaim for the locals.

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