Deeper announces s/t debut for 5/25 release

by Woody on March 27, 2018

Photo by Alexa Viscius

Always fun for me to post about a Chicago band announcing their debut LP. Deeper is Nic Gohl (singer and guitarist), Mike Clawson (guitarist), Shiraz Bhatti (drummer) and Drew McBride (bassist). Their debut will see the light of day on 5/25 via the fine folks at Fire Talk Records. The tune straddles the line between post-punk and indie rock. Whatever you call it, the song’s subject is close to my heart as the band explains below.

Take opening track “Pink Showers” which was conceived through the gridlock of Chicago traffic and the “pursuit” to make a monotonous life meaningful. “I can try, don’t you see that I’m no waste” rings out over chiming guitars and a steady rhythmic pulse. There’s something burning in us, driving our choices, begging for an answer. It’s observational, poetic and influenced by nuance.

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Deeper is here

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