Courtney Marie Andrews – May Your Kindness Remain (album review)

by Woody on March 26, 2018

photo credit: Laura E. Partain

Some time between the lead singer of Thunderpussy singing on the bar next to me and slam dancing during a White Reaper set, I took in one of my favorite sets of SXSW, Courtney Marie Andrews. Andrews played the majority of her new album during her set, an album of mid-tempo Americana that is simply stunning.

Gospel singer C.C. White provides backing vocals throughout and her voice meshes with Andrews so well, it gives the whole album this soulful presence. Andrews paints these vivid landscapes of people and their complex plights. Every note she sings seeps into your pores as she sings her heart out.

She can get dark as she tackles the plight of an immigrant trying to make his way on Border. She can be uplifting on tracks like This House or hopeful such as the title track. She can also acerbic as she mockingly proclaims the virtues of her significant other on I’ve Hurt Worse.

Mark Howard handled production and he helped to elevate Andrews’ game on this album. The ten tunes cut to the bone in a manner that will stick with you for awhile. If 2016’s Honest Life put Andrews on the radar, May Your Kindness Remain will be the one to take her to the next level. This album and her live set is simply top-notch.

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