Gold Connections announces Popular Fiction for 5/11 release

by Woody on March 20, 2018

Been waiting for this one since playing his EP to death last year. Gold Connections is the moniker of Will Marsh. This track is 4 minutes of mid-tempo delight. His debut LP, Popular Fiction will see the light of day on 5/11 via the fine folks at Egg Hunt Records.

Popular Fiction spins out from its smooth black centre in wide concentric circles, like rings in a tree. Listen close, and you’ll hear all the people Will Marsh has ever been. A little kid, only twelve, thrilled beyond measure to be toying with a four-track and a six-string. A Dylan obsessive at seventeen, reeling from heartbreak and wanderlust, and daring, in the tradition of his idol, to put the feelings in song. Awake too early the morning after his birthday party, newly twenty-one, traipsing through a vast void of virgin snow with a guitar strapped firm to his back. Now twenty-five, Will is at last ready to introduce the world to Gold Connections — once a scrappy sophomore-year passion project; now, aided by seasoned hometown producer Daniel Goans, a high-fidelity font of expression for the many lives he’s lived.

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Gold Connections is here

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